Quick and Easy, Chinese Style Custard Eggs (蒸蛋)



2 eggs, beaten. Add 2 part water to 1 part egg (by volume). Add pinch of salt and sugar for taste. Steam (water vapor) eggs over medium heat for 5 to 8 min.



Mix 1 part beaten egg with 2 part water. How to get 2 part water without measuring? Simply use the egg shells (washed) to add water (images in Prep.3).


Steam the eggs over medium heat and leave a gap between the lid and the skillet. How to leave a gap? Use a chopstick (images in Cooking.2)


There are lots of variations to this dish, primarily by adding different ingredients such as mushrooms, seaweed, shrimps, or even add more sugar and/or milk to turn it into a dessert!. I’ll showcase an advanced version of the custard egg in future post.  Here are couple tips for adding other ingredients:

  1. Pre-cook the ingredients (if the ingredients require longer cooking time) so they are done when the eggs are done.
  2. Steam ½ of the egg first before putting down the extra ingredients so they don’t just drop to the bottom of the container.


Going the extra mile (G.E.M)the small step (optional) that takes the dish to the next level.


Replace half of the water with chicken stock (egg: water: chicken broth = 1:1:1) to enhance flavor


Run the beaten eggs through a sieve for extra smooth texture


  1. Bowl
  2. Pot/Skillet with a lid ~ at least twice wider and deeper than the bowl
  3. Whisk or mixing spoon
  4. A steamer rack stand




  1. Egg (2)


Units: t = teaspoon, T = tablespoon, C = Cup.

  1. Salt 1 pinch
  2. Sugar 1 pinch

Before Cooking:


Wash the eggs before cracking (rinse with water).



In a bowl, crack 2 eggs. Try to break the egg shells in half.



Using the egg shells as measuring spoon, add 2 egg shells of water for every egg (i.e. egg to water ratio = 1:2).   (optional G.E.M.1) Replace 1/2 water with Chicken Broth.



Add salt and sugar and beat the eggs with a whisk until uniform mixture. (optional G.E.M.2) Run the beaten eggs through a sieve for extra smoothness.

Cooking Steps:



In a skillet/pot (wide opening preferred for easy access), place the steamer stand in the center. Fill ~ 2 to 3 cup of water and Turn heat on high to bring the water to a boil.

*note* water should not go over the top of the steamer stand.



Once water is boiling and creating steam, turn heat to medium, put the egg mixture onto the steamer stand. Cover with a lid and leave a gap (using chopsticks or similar)



Let the egg steam for 5 to 8 min, check every 2 to 3 min the first time you tried this dish. (Cooking time can vary a lot due to differences in the amount of steam, temperature, shape of the bowl, etc.)

How to check if custard egg is ready? Simply put a metal spoon (so it’s heavy enough) onto the egg. Egg is done if the spoon doesn’t fall into the eggs.

Turn heat off and it’s Ready to serve!






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