Easy and Delicious, Chinese Style Braised Chicken


Hands-on Time: <5 min. Total Time: 1 hr.


In a Pot (3 to 5 Qt), add Soy Sauce (1/2C), Sugar (1/4C), Water (4C), (optional) Ginger (2 slices), and chicken. Adjust the amount of each sauce so sauce barely covers the chicken. Turn heat on high, bring liquid to a boil, cover with a lid, turn heat to low for 1 hr. 



For producing a clean broth or color coating, remove any bubbles or foams on the surface of the boiling liquid (after adding chicken). These are impurities from the chicken.


For forming dark, rich color on the chicken, reduce the liquid at the end of the stewing (open lid and increase heat). But it’s ok to start cooking with a little more liquid (i.e. completely covering the chicken) because water will slowly evaporate during cooking.

Going the extra mile (G.E.M)the small step (optional) that takes the dish to the next level.


Add Ginger to add extra layers of flavors to the dish.


Add rice wine to replace equal amount of water to add extra layers of flavors to the dish.


  1. Pot (3 to 5 Qt), enough to fit the meats you want to cook. I recommend using cast iron pot
  2. Measuring Cup.
  3. (Optional for G.E.M.) Knife
  4. (Optional for G.E.M.) Cutting board

Ingredients: ingred1


  1. Chicken dark meat ~ 2 lb


Units: t = teaspoon, T = tablespoon, C = Cup.

*note* The following amount is for ~ 2lb chicken in ~ 3 Qt cast iron pot.

The ratio for Soy sauce: Sugar: Water is 2:1:8. Adjust the absolute amount (i.e. ½ Cup to 1 Cup) so that the sauce just covers the chicken.

  1. Soy sauce -1/2 C
  2. Sugar -1/4 C
  3. Water – 4 C
  4. (Optional G.E.M. 1) Ginger root, 2 slices.
  5. (Optional G.E.M. 2) Rice wine (non-salted), or cooking win (usually has 1.5% salt) – 1 to 2 C to replace equal amount of water. But If you really like rice wine flavor, feel free to replace water with rice wine completely.

*note* If using salted cooking wine, REDUCE amount of Soy Sauce (or add cooking wine first, taste for saltiness before adding soy sauce).

Before Cooking:


(Optional G.E.M.1) Slice 2 slices of ginger (~ ¼” thick).

Cooking Steps:



In a pot, add Soy Sauce (1/2 C), Sugar (1/4 C), Water (4 C), (optional G.E.M.1) ginger slices, (optional G.E.M.2) rice wine (1 C), and chicken. Turn heat to high, bring the liquid to a boil.



Once liquid reached boil, cover with a lid and turn heat to low, cook for ~1 hr. Check liquid level every 0.5 to 1 hr or so. Add water if liquid level gets too low to prevent the liquid from drying and burning the chicken.


See Tip.1 for how to keep the broth clean.

See Tip.2 for getting a nice dark color on the chicken.

Turn heat off and it’s Ready to serve!



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