Quick and Easy way to Peel Boiled Eggs


Boiled Egg is a wonderful and versatile dish. it is great on its own, but with little twists and seasoning, it can serve as appetizer, main dishes, desserts, accompany salads, go into sandwiches, become side dishes, take salad dressing to another levels, etc. 

One of the biggest complain against boiled egg is the need to peel the egg during cooking. It can be a messy and time consuming process. but with a little science and the right technique, peel eggs can be extremely quick and easy. Want to know how? Continue reading!



4 words to make a easy-to-peel egg: “BOIL HOT, COOL FAST”. Boil the water before putting the egg in. When done with cooking, cool the eggs in ice water.


Use enough water that can cover the eggs completely (2″ above egg preferred). The more water you have, the least the temperature drop when putting the eggs into the pot. 


When peeling, crack the top and bottom of the egg shell first.


1. Heat source (stove)

2. Pot – large enough to fit the eggs

3. a large container for ice water



1. Eggs

2. Water

3. Ice




 In a large container, fill cold tap water and ice to make an ice bath for boiled eggs.



In a pot (~ 2 Qt for 4 to 6 eggs), fill water to at least half way. Place on the stove and turn heat to HIGH.



Once water reaches a boil, put eggs in. 12 to 14 mins for hard boiled eggs, 4 to 7 mins for soft boiled eggs.


cool_boiled eggs

After desire cooking time, pick up the eggs (using slotted spoon or similar tools) and put them into the ice bath for 3 to 5 mins.

Peeling the egg shell:

Option 1.



On a clean surface, after egg is cooled, crack the top and bottom shell of the egg.


crack side

Lay the egg flat on the surface, crack, only ONCE, the side of the egg.



Use your hand, ROLL the egg with slight pressure. You should hear the egg shell cracking as you rool.



The egg shell now should be almost falling off the egg. If not, they can be easily removed.

Option 2:

This option is even faster, but it involves using mouth to blow air from the tip of the eggs. It is almost magical that the entire egg will just pop out and peeled in 10 s if done right. If you are interested, check out this video by Tim Ferris.



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